We honor Jesus.  Our firm honors Jesus by treating our clients and partners as we would want to be treated.  Our desire is for churches, non-profits, and businesses to communicate with excellence and integrity.  


For Churches:  Pastors work extremely long hours.  Most churches are small - less than 200 people.  As such must of the communication work is done by volunteers or even deferred to a later time.   We first want to establish and build your core message.  Then we put together a repeatable, time-efficient method to deliver that messaging to your intended audiences.  We are fond of saying that we will improve everything you can point, click, or read outside of the sermon.  


For Non-Profits: The work of the non-profit in the U.S. has never been more important than now.  So many programs have been failures.  The non-profit is the center of passion and expertise.  Like smaller churches, many non-profits are run by a small staff and a group of volunteers.  How is the message crafted?  How is the message delivered?  Many times non-profits have an underdeveloped message and a vague and erratic communication delivery.   We help craft a succinct message and build a process of delivering a time-efficient, repeatable delivery.



For Businesses: Who is your 'ideal' client?  What do you say to them to attract them to your business?  Then, how do you say it?  An undefined intended audience leads to an unclear message ultimately yields in a muddled and unprofitable business.    



We look at every point of communication.   The first thing we will do is examine every way that you communicate with potential visitors, regular attendees, and members.  We will show you how all of this communication needs to be decoded, simplified, and clarified.  


We start where it hurts the most.  Following our initials assessment, we will propose ways to improve communications the three keys groups listed above. Our plan will be an all-inclusive, comprehensive plan.  But, we know that sometimes budgets are tight and time is of the essence.  We can engage at the point of the greatest need.  Many times that means redesigning an outdated website, or implementing a church database for electronic communication or fixing the weekly printed material, such as the bulletin. We can start here and work through the rest of the needed items over time.  


We are with you for His namesake.  As we come alongside your church, we will be honored to work on one project or many.  Our primary objective is the God be glorified and His name is known.  Click below to get started.

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